How To Block Apps From Spying Your Android Phone?


How to Block Apps from Spying: Privacy of users is the biggest issue these days for everyone even for companies itself that holds major data. Many expert computer users also known as hackers breaches the security of companies or users device and steal important data related to them. We will not talk about the companies here because they can hire a group professional who can solve this problem in a fraction of time but what about the users who could not afford the service charges of professional but still want to secure his privacy.

To tell you the truth many android users have their privacy breached each day without even noticed by them. The area in which major security breach are discovered in the app which were installed by users from trusted as well third party apps. You probably have noticed when you install any apps they would ask you to allow access to some of hardware such as location, camera etc. If a social media app such as Instagram or Whatsapp will ask your permission to access camera or microphone on your smartphone makes sense but if a games or software app asking this type of permission that will lead to doubt in mind.

To overcome this type of security issue Google company is developing a new operating system named Android P which will handle each and every app running in the background and using your smartphone feature quietly. The upcoming version of this operating system will be called Android Version 9.0 but it may take a couple of years to release this operating system so before the system were let’s see what action a user can take now to fight against this kind of issue.


How To Check or Disable App Permissions

To check which app are using your smartphone feature in the background just go to SETTINGS -> APPS -> APP PERMISSIONS. On that page you will find list of your hardware feature such as Camera, Microphone etc. Chose anyone of the service and tap on disable which you think is doubtful in your opinion.

In Oreo OS you will find the app permission option under SETTINGS -> APPS AND NOTIFICATIONS.

The bright side of using the option is that when the next time that app is using the feature you disable it will prompt a message that this app is using the feature will allow it or not then you will have a clear idea when the app service activate is it during when you call or using the app and based on that you can activate the feature.

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