How to Block Annoying Pop-up Ads on Your Android Smartphone


Block Pop-up Ads on Android:- While browsing most of the anime or video streaming website that are hosting movies on the internet you have definitely encountered pop-up ads like hell. By hell i mean a lot of pop-up ads that will be shoot out one by one by clicking on only one link which makes you super frustrated to close them and for once you have wished about the ads to disappear permanently from your browser. Well these ads might have hinder your but you have to know that website such as anime or those video streaming website are making money using the same kind of ads which helps them to focus on their work much harder and it’s also helpful to maintain the website on internet.

Many website users does not known the fact about the pop-up advertisement and after listening to the fact many users remove the adblocker on the website to show some love to website users and support the website but still there are many users in the world that does not like the idea of showing support to the blogger hard work and continue to block the advertisement. But on the list of those users there are users who allow pop-up ads to be lock for quite some-time so they could not get in the way of watching their popular videos or browsing the content in website and reactivate the pop-up ads it again when the interested content is finished.


If want to deactivate the pop-up ads from your android smartphone then you can follow the step by step mentioned below:-

Block Pop-up Ads on Android Smartphone

Through Default Browser

  1. Open your default web browser that is a part of operating browser. Just look for browser in app section and tap on it.
  2. Once its open tap on three dot lines given at top right side of browser screen and on pop-down ad tap on SETTINGS.
  3. On Settings page go to ADVANCED.
  4. On Advanced page tap on Activate Pop-Up Ads to Block.

On Google Chrome

The next on the list is the most used browser on android smartphone which is google chrome. If you are currently using the same browser and would like to block pop-up ads then follow the methods:-

  1. Open Chrome browser and tap on three dot lines on top of the page and then tap on SETTINGS.
  2. On Settings page tap on SITE SETTINGS.
  3. On site settings tap on POP-UP.
  4. Now activate the pop-up ads on disable it.

By Using The Ads Blocker APP

There are plenty of app that are providing services to block ads on your browser but if you are like for recommendation then i would like to recommend an app named Free Adblocker Browser which you can found on play store. Once download activate the service to fully bock any kind of pop-up ads on your android phone.

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