How to Backup Data on Huawei Phone without Root

Backup Huawei Phone Data:- If you want to troubleshoot your phone at some point or amend any other feature almost everybody recommended you take a back-up of your phone data because the chance of losing your data will always be there while attempting to follow their process. Recently we have discussed how to take backup of your entire phone data using a nandroid backup method which required root because it will take backup of your entire phone memory including operating system and restore it with same settings at that time but many users do not like to swap between root and unroot so they require a method to back-up their phone data in which is rooting is not necessary.

For users who want to take backup of their Huawei Phone without root, they can install the official PC suite software on their computer or laptop to store all the phone data include contacts, SMS, and photos. Huawei HiSuite Tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating system and anyone can download the tool from the website for free of cost. Hisuite is a multi-purpose tool and it can be used to synchronize with your phone, install various other application through software and run any command on your phone using the software but in this page, we will only show you how to take a backup of your phone.


 How to Backup Data on Huawei Phone without Root

First, we will download the required tool to install and activate the hi-suite software on your computer. To install the software on your computer you will need the software and driver file for the current operating system you are working on. We have made a list of those operating system installation package including drivers.

For Window Users

Download Hi Suite Software

Download Driver

For Mac Users

Download Hi Suite Software

Once you download the software from your respective operating system then follow the step mentioned below:-

  1. Extract the files and install the software and driver on your computer.
  2. Once installed open the software and connect your smartphone with the computer via USB Cable.
  3. Now, wait for some seconds untill HiSuite Detect your phone and once it detects and installs required driver on the computer you can see the name on of your phone in the HiSuite software.
  4. Once your phone is installed click on Backup Button and select the location of the backup to be stored. Now select the amount of data to back-up or you can take entire backup.
  5. The backup option on Hisuite provides you the option to encrypt your backup file with a password. If you want to encrypt your backup just enter the password or leave the option as it is if you don’t want to encrypt your backup. Once you review or set every option click on the Backup button to start the process.
  6. Once the backup is complete click on Done button to complete the process.

For more information and latest software on Huawei Phones backup stay updated to this post.

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