How To Add Advanced Features in Android Power Off Menu


Android Power Off Menu :- In most of android smartphone you will get only two options when your press power off button which are Switch Off and Profile Settings which can be changed to silent or general. Wouldn’t you think it will be more useful if more option will be appeared when you press the power button such as Take a Screenshot, Reboot, Recovery Mode etc. Well it is now possible to add more option on your smartphone power button thanks to some custom designed app named “Advanced Power Menu” which is currently available to install from play store.

Make sure your smartphone is rooted when you install the app. If your phone is not rooted then please check our step by step guide on how to root an android phone by searching your smartphone model number in search field. Once your smartphone is rooted then you can follow the below mentioned on how to install and use the app to add advance feature in your smartphone.


Installing and Using Advanced Power Menu

Once your phone is rooted just head over to play store and install Advanced Power Menu. Once installed open the app and you will see dashboard as shown in picture.

Now click on settings page you will bunch of option are deactivated just tick on the option which are deactivate and scroll down to bottom and click on SAVE button.

Once you tap on save button go back and choose the theme of choice. The first theme is simple which display boring list of button but the second theme which is float button will show button of every option when display power button.

Once you choose theme all the settings is complete. Just reboot your phone and the press the power button, options with switch off and general will be changed with the newly customized menu. Enjoy!


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