How To Activate and Use Unsend Message Feature in Facebook


Unsend Feature in Facebook:- In this fast forward and social world of the internet almost every user is now adjusted with the multi-tasking feature. Every day we add a lot of friends on Facebook and each day we chat with a lot of our friends. Sometimes those chats went well and sometimes we fumble with words and typed a word which we shouldn’t suppose to send and things become awkward between friends. To avoid that kind of circumstances between friends Facebook has launched a feature named Unsend Message in which users can immediately erase the conversation if they typed it wrong in the messenger. I would recommend this feature to almost anyone who is using Facebook for a long time because the feature might save you from a lot of trouble and it will avoid a lot of misunderstanding between friends.


The feature is known as “Remove For Anyone” which will be available in your messenger application once you update it from play store. If you want to delete the message you accidentally sent to your friends then just hold the message you want to delete to pop-up the option. Once the pop-up option has been appeared tap on “Remove For Anyone” to unsend the messages which you have recently sent. Just like Gmail Undo Send a time limit has been set to this new feature by Facebook in which you can unsend the messages.

A 10 minutes time span is given by the facebook to unsend the message. If you try to unsend the message after that the feature will not work and the user can see the message once you have sent it in his messages windows or the notification bar if he is online at the time which means the function only benefits the users who are not online at that time.

For more information on how to unsend facebook text messages stay update with this website.

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