How to Access Samsung Cloud on Every Samsung Phone

Samsung cloud service is currently offering 15 GB of free space on its server to free users but despite of the fact that it’s free many Samsung Mobile users can’t access to this service due to various technical problems. This type of problem is faced by lot of users and many android experts commented that the problem in Samsung Phone is caused by android fragmentation and mobile carrier companies but whose fault really is and how you can counter the situation?

Android Fragmentation is a issue that is occurred in lot of phone since the past few years. The issues persist when an old mobile phone are still running despite of the fact that it is outdated phone and needed to be replaced. An old phone can’t comply with the latest technology used by various companies and updated patch of the software are not released by the manufacturing companies which is why some users are facing technical error while using the cloud services. Android Fragmentation problem is only limited to number of mobile manufacturer companies what multiply these technical problems are mobile carrier companies. Some carrier companies are partnership with other cloud service portal or have their own cloud storage service so they want each and every carrier users to be used only that specific service.

Not just pushing their own service to user’s carrier companies introduced various bloatwares which might interrupt the cloud services on your phone. Whenever Samsung release a new patch to counter this type of issues carrier companies ended up making a new update to counter the Samsung update so if you are relying on update to fix this problem then it will never happen.

Another solution to fix the problem and access the Samsung Cloud service is by rooting the phone and install custom application which might fix the error but recently a new application is launched on play store which makes it easier for users to use cloud service provided by the Samsung.

Access Samsung Cloud on Every Samsung Phone

Open play store app and search for application “QuickShortcutMaker” by “sika524”. There are various app with same name on play store so make sure you are installing the correct one and once you installed the application heed the instruction:-

  1. Once installed launch the app and tap on tab Activities.
  2. In search field type the text “Samsung Backup” and select the app “Samsung Backup And Restore”.
  3. Once you select “Samsung Backup And Restore” a long list of Samsung Cloud will appear. On the list pay attention to sub text and select the option The option is possibly visible in the fourth entry.
  4. Once you select the option then tap on option TRY.
  5. The tap button will take you to Samsung Account page. In this page tap on three DOT Icon on top right section and then tap on option “Show Samsung Cloud Icon”.
  6. Now wait for some-time to finish applying setting in your phone.

Now you should use the Samsung Cloud option. In any case if you can’t use the service right now then type the problem you are facing in the comment section.


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