How to Access or Use Cloud Storage Services on Telegram App


Cloud Storage on Telegram:- Cloud Storage is a game-changing platform for the internet society. Up until know users are storing their data on the external storage device but as the internet growing vast day by day the external storage is becoming less and at one time it will be full. Instead of collecting external storage device and search for your media or work-related file many users are adopting the cloud storage services for using and storing their data on a monthly or weekly basis. There are many cloud storage services that are offering free cloud storage space with a different price plan and promotional package but telegram has integrated the cloud storage service in a very unique way. So keep reading more to find out on how to take advantage of Telegram Cloud services available on your Android Phone:-

As I have discussed above telegram has integrated the technology in the application so there is no separated service for cloud storage. You just need to save the file as an attachment on cloud storage services offered by the telegram. On a single mail, you can save the file size of up to 1.5 GB if your file size is more than that the mail service will not support it. Another way to save the huge file size on telegram cloud storage is that you can break the amount of file size if possible this way you can create multiple emails and store the unlimited amount of data at free of cost. If you are using the or about to use cloud storage spaces you need to consider about the internet speed because the speed of your internet plays a vital role in uploading and downloading of a file from cloud storage. If you don’t know about telegram or never use the cloud services just follow the step by step instructions given below:-


Accessing and Using Cloud Storage Service Provided by Telegram

It will take only five minutes to install and use the service on your mobile phone by following the steps:-

  1. Go to the telegram official web store “” and download the app according to your phone type.
  2. Once you install the application setup an account as the instruction follow after you first run the application.
  3. Once an account has been made then open the application and click on three straight lines on the top left side of the page.
  4. A new panel will be visible after pressing the button on right side of this panel a cloud shaped button will be seen tap on it.
  5. You can also open a chat message to yourself and send the file as an attachment to your self.

For more information on Accessing or Using Cloud Storage Services on Telegram stay updated to this page.



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