How to Access or Use Animoji on Android Phone


Use Animoji on Android:- Animoji is an online name of custom emoji’s that uses your facial expression to create a lifelike 3D avatar so that it can react on your face movement. The Animoji features are pre-installed in your iPhone X and later version and ever since the launch of iPhone X this feature hit the social media website and messages by storm. Many YouTubers makes an introductory video regarding this features and doing their day to day activity using Animoji. After iPhone X many manufacturing companies such as Samsung and Huawei are now hoarding towards creating a unique emoji to their smartphone.

While browsing various forums and QA website we have seen queries regarding when this feature is going to be released for android phone and can we ever use the feature on an android phone. Yes, we can use the feature on android phone by installing a custom Android Application but facial mapping on most of the phone will not be same as seen in iPhone. Only a handful of the android phones are capable of perfectly streaming facial expression avatars.


The technology to create a lifelike Animoji works on the principle of face detection. A professional developer on XDA website known as Linuxct finds out that he can map human facial expression by using the latest Nokia v91.1 camera application. He modded the application for himself and upload the source file on the hosting website. You can download and install the APK version of the file by following the download link. The application will use your front camera and map your face with 3D Emoji. The step by step detail on how to install the application in your phone is given below:-

How to Use Animoji on Android Phone

  1. Go to the following URL “” and download the APK file on your phone.
  2. Install the APK file if your installation is blocked then go to SETTING -> SECURITY -> UNKNOWN SOURCE -> Allow and then try to install the app again.
  3. Now your application will be installed without any error. After the application is installed open the NOKIA Camera app from the list of Application.
  4. In the camera application, you can use the Animoji of your choice.

In case if the camera is not installed on your phone or not work correctly do let us know using comment section we will try to solve your query as soon as we could.


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