How To Hide Whatsapp Photos and Videos Stored in Gallery Folder


Hide Whatsapp Photos and Videos:- There are plenty of ways to hide your WhatsApp media content such as applications or moving your data on a computer but whatever method you choose the remnant of the file or application will be seen by the well-known smartphone users and then ask you in an irritating manner did you install a lock on your phone or why is the file missing in case of moving. In both cases, your attempt to hide media files will be spotted along with many questions which is why I am going to provide a sure short method on how you can hide your application without installing or moving your WhatsApp Media Content.


Why Do We Need To Hide Our Photos and Videos?

Before moving onto the solution one question comes across multiple times till we found a satisfactory answer and that is why do we need to hide our WhatsApp Media Content? Does it really necessary? Believe it or not many users will be in a dilemma about the question that hiding something from dear ones is a good thing or not. Hiding something from friends is one thing and there is some secret that should remain secret especially from friends because who knows when friends become enemy and the secret videos and photos become a prime weapon for them. By implementing the hiding function in your phone you can stay safe from this kind of incident and also be protective against the unknown users who want to use your phone.

Hiding Your Photos and Videos

You can hide your photos and videos in Whatsapp by creating a new file with the name of .nomedia. Yes, you can call this homemade function that restricts the certain applications to access media files and Whatsapp is one of them. If you create a file name with the name of .nomedia in the media folder it will hide your media content and there will be no trace of the media file that is stored in your gallery folder. In order to know how this method work just follow the step by step guide given below:-

  1. First Download the ES File Explorer in your android phone from play store and open it.
  2. Once the application is open navigate to SD card directory and then go to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images or WhatsApp Videos.
  3. In case if your data is stored in internal storage then you will see option Internal Storage or Main Storage then navigate as same as above.
  4. Open the folder of your choice Whatsapp Images or Whatsapp Videos.
  5. Once inside the folder tap on three DOT lines given at the top right side of the page and tap on NEW.
  6. a pop-up window will appear asking you to choose an option between a file or folder, choose the first option file.
  7. Once you choose the file option it will ask you to type the file name as I have said above you have to type the file name .nomedia and the tap on OK button.
  8. Once the file is created in the folder go back to WhatsApp now you will see the files stored on that folder are no longer available.

If you want to access those files back in your phone then remove the .nomedia file and go to settings > application manager > all > Gallery > Clear Data and Cache.

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