Now Hard Reset Any Xiaomi Phone with this Tool


Xiaomi Hard Reset:- There are two ways to hard reset your smartphone first method is the combination keys and the second one is the software method. I personally like the software method to hard reset phone because it follows a scripted path to hard reset phone which means it will automatically reboot and command combination button at boot screen instead of us to manually holding the correct button. Once the phone is entered into hard reset state you have to choose the only option by pressing volume up or down and power key for confirmation.

In 2018 a new version of Xiaomi tool has emerged in the market and this new tool was well liked by the user phones because not only it provides hard reset codes it also has inbuilt option to unlock Pattern Unlock, Unlock Pin, Qloader Mode, and Fastboot. The software is free to download for windows based machines the link of the software is given in download section of the page.

While using the software for the first time we found its quite a bit tricky to use. We need to change various settings in our phone in order to use this software but once we understand these settings the commands will be quite easy to follow in future. So let’s take a look at how you can install and use the software by following the series of steps:-


#1 Download the Xiaomi Service Tool Software

  1. Download Xiaomi Service Tool on your Computer.
  2. Once downloaded unpack the files and run the software.

#2 Enter Your Phone into Recovery Mode

This part is quite tricky so pay close attention to the instructions:-

  1. First, switch off your phone and then press combination keys Volume Up + Power button.
  2. The option will boot your phone into recovery interface. The interface is written in the Chinese language so you have to tap on the orange button given at the bottom right side of the page.
  3. Once you tap on that orange button the language will be changed to English. Now tap on recover option and the phone will be entered into command ready state.

#3 Connect and Use

  1. Once your phone is entered into recovery mode then connect your phone to computer via USB Cable.
  2. Open Xiaomi Service Tool software and enter the command of your choice from the list.
  3. In our case, we need to hard reset our phone so tap on the option “Recovery To Normal Mode”.
  4. Once you tap on the option the command will be initiated and a DOS window will appear. Wait for few seconds and tap on any key to finish the command.

For more instruction on how to Hard Reset Any Xiaomi Phone stay updated to this page.

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