Free Ways To Connect Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to TV


If you owned an Internet TV and the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus you can connect your phone to TV. After connecting your phone to a TV you can play music, video, games or even use your TV as a projector to display your work files.

Connecting android phone to TV is not a new search term there are plenty of users already who use the technology to cast their phone. One of the popular technology to mirror your Android phone on TV is Miracast. Miracast is a hardware device that serves as a bridge to connect your android phone to a TV using Wi-Fi. The hardware provides a lot of unique features as well and it’s not expensive as well but in this article, we are focusing on freeways to connect a phone to television.

Internet TV has built-in Wi-Fi and support mirroring technology that can connect with any Wi-Fi enabled device. Android phone has Wi-Fi since a very long time but the OS does not have any feature that can connect a phone to TV but after 7.0 nougat update you can connect your phone to a television using mirror technology by following the steps given below:-


Free Ways To Connect Galaxy S10 to TV

You can connect your phone and TV to the same Wi-Fi Network and install an application on your phone to cast screen:-

Cast Samsung Galaxy S10 on TV using All Share Cast Application

  1. Switch your television to Screen Mirroring.
  2. After that go to play to store and install All share Cast application on your phone.
  3. Once installed open the application and click on the START button. The application will immediately take you to the CAST page in which you have to enable WIRELESS DISPLAY Setting.
  4. Once the wireless display option is enabled it will search for the nearest Television or other Wi-Fi devices. Once the search is complete you can see the device name mentioned below.
  5. Now tap on the DEVICE NAME and it will be started to connect. Wait for some time for the process to finished and once it finished your phone will be connected to the TV.

For more information on casting your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to TV stay updated to this website.

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