Downloading Fouad APK to Add Multiple Account on Whatsapp

Fouad APK:- With over 1 billion users database whatsapp is currently sitting on top of the app using for social media activities. Many small or recently opened businesses are using whatsapp for communicating with their clients and sharing new product with prospected buyers. The problem with whatsapp is that you can’t create multiple accounts using the same number which frustrated the user a lot who have one account for business purpose and one account for social life. If you want to balance between both accounts then you have to purchase a new number and a phone number to run their business campaigns but recently android developers have found another way to solve the problem in which users can create multiple accounts with same number thanks to Modded app named Fouad WhatsApp.

Once you installed the fouad apk on your smartphone it will attach with your whatsapp like a function which can be accessible by clicking on three dots line on top of the app. Apart from managing multiple account you can update the themes of whatsapp, add UI graphic for touch interfaces, let you send any kind of files and much more. There are bunch of other modded app which works just the same as fouad app then you have questioning about why i am telling you to use the app well there are plenty of modded app on the internet but i have tried a lot of these app in many of them i found glitches and in some of those has really bad experience with UI and performance but i fell in love with the fouad app because of its smooth experience while running whatsapp. So let’s take a look on how you can download the app on your smartphone.


Download Fouad APK for Whatsapp on Your Smartphone

  1. First download the APK file from the official website “” and the mirror website “”.
  2. If an error persist you when you are trying to install the APK on your smartphone like “INSTALL BLOCKED” then go to SETTINGS -> LOCK SCREEN & SECURITY -> Tap on UNKNOWN SOURCES to activate the third party access on your smartphone and then try to install the file again.
  3. Once installed open the app and follow the instruction to step on your smartphone. Once the app is set-up you are ready for using the app. ENJOY!

More information about the Fouad APK will added once its released. If you have any query regarding any kind of issue using the method feel free to added you query in the comment section.

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