Fixing Problem Error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0


While browsing the play store, downloading app or purchasing an app from play store you might have encountered this message error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 and you might have tried to fix your phone by using basic error resolving technique such as rebooting phone or restarting your internet connection but that could not fix your problem so you are searching for an honest solution for the problem. Well my friends you have landed on the right page because in this page we are pointing out what are the reasons that cause the problem and also provide you best solution regarding this problem.


What cause the problem?

Error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0  is a problem that cause when the android server and your smartphone did not connect to each other via internet which is why it is consider a two way problem. We can work on the first way of the problem which is caused in smartphone but if the error was caused in the server or the server did not respond specifically in your area then you need to contact google support service and request them to fix this error. All right let go back on fixing section in which i will told you exactly how you can fix the problem.

Fixing the Error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 in your Smartphone

After an analysis of various tech forums almost 99 percent of users who have encountered this kind of error in his or her smartphone were fixed through below mentioned methods

Method Number #1 – Clearing Cache and Data

  1. First go to your Settings page and then tap on Application.
  2. Now locate and tap on app Google Services Framework.
  3. Now clear framework cache and data.
  4. Now go back and clear google play store Cache and Data.
  5. Now switch off your phone, remove battery, reinsert it after 60 seconds and switch on your phone.

Method Number #2 – Remove and Enter Google Account

  1. First go to Settings and then tap on Account.
  2. On Account page tap on google and remove it.
  3. Now re-enter your google account again and then reboot your phone and try to use google play store.

Let me know if these method works for your smartphone or not by entering the type of error you are facing now.


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