Fixing LG G6 Won’t Turn On and Wall Charging Issues


LG G6 Won’t Turn On:- G6 is a flagship phone from LG venture and it still holds the title to be one of the best selling Smartphone in the world. LG G6 is a high end Smartphone that has great specifications to perform complicated task easily but despite of the fact it is a premium phone it still has quite of issues which comes time to time as the phone gets old and currently the issue we are discussing about is the won’t turn on or charging issue.

Charging issues on LG G6 phone could be a minor one or major one depend on the condition of your phone hardware and software. I have seen many users are struggling with the issues on various forums and QA website seeking for the perfect solution. Personally speaking I have struggled a lot too while this issue ripped away long hours of time to be solved but eventually we have figured out more than one reason for the issues to occurred and will show you how you can recover from the issues by tweaking some settings in your phone.


How to Fix LG G6 Won’t Turn On and Charging

As I said before the issue could be minor or major depend on the condition of your phone for example if your phone is quite old then it might be an issue related to your phone hardware, since we cannot fix the hardware the best solution is to take the phone to nearest mobile phone repair center and confirm about the problem first. Before taking your phone into the repair I will suggest everyone to try these recommendation methods given below:-

Confirm Charging

Sometime your chargers jack might get loose from pressure or it is not inserted properly so my first advice to every user is check their charger jack and try to insert the jack again with more pressure until its properly fit.

Clean the Charging Port

The second on the list of solution is to clean your phone charging port with compressed air. Once you cleaned the port then remove the back flap and battery of your phone and on the charging area blow the air again. Now re-insert everything and try to charge your phone again.

Try USB Charging

If the wall charger is not working then try to charge your phone with USB wire while connecting it to your computer. If your phone is started to charge while connecting to computer then there should be a problem in your charger.

Try Master Reset

Sometime a virus on your phone or a program setting will not allow the charging program to be initiated so master reset your phone is the only cure to solve the problem. Before you master reset your phone take a back-up of your phone first and then try the following steps:-

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press and hold POWER + VOLUME DOWN button till phone vibrate.
  3. Once your phone vibrate or you see logo screen release the keys to boot your phone into recovery mode.
  4. On recovery screen move the selection with VOLUME UP or DOWN key and select the option Factory data reset by pressing the POWER button.
  5. Now select “Erase all user data and restore default settings” option and confirm it by pressing power button.

If your LG G6 phone does not charge after applying all the above solution then this could mean only one thing that there is a defect in your phone hardware and it needed to be take care by LG customer care.


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