Guide to Fix Netflix Error 5.2 “There is a problem playing the video”


Fix Netflix Error 5.2:- Netflix is a popular streaming website and application for android, ios and desktop that let its users to browse through the list of movies and TV show to stream at the low monthly subscription price. Presently there is no match for Netflix with any other streaming application in term of the subscription and plan. Despite the fact, it’s being a popular media streaming application users have found the list of errors while browsing or playing the media files. These errors draw the setback for the application and allow competitors to enter in its territory. One of the common error that has been hindering the users for quite a lot of time is “ERROR 5.2 There is a problem playing the video”. Currently, there is no permanent solution has been implemented by the company developers so we need to fix the problem by applying some workarounds mention below:-


Fixing Error 5.2 There is a problem playing the video

There is no fix solution to the problem so you must try each workaround if one fails:-

Restarting Phone

A simple boot will clear the ram cache and allow the application to load a new. This simple and all-rounder fix for an android phone will fix your phone because the Netflix itself recommend this method to apply on your phone. Once you restart your phone try to run the Netflix application to see if its working or not and if the application is not working follow the method.

Log Out and Log in Again

It may sound funny but log-out and log-in again on your Netflix account may fix the Error 5.2. Log-in to your account will simply connect your account to the database again which might fix the error. Just give it a try and if the solution doesn’t work follow the next method.

Clearing Cache and Application Data

Browse through SETTINGS -> APPS -> choose ALL APPS from tab -> NETFLIX -> CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA. Once you clear the cache and data restart your phone and try to run the application again.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometime you might face technical problem while connecting to the internet or your data pack might have expired so make sure your internet is up and running. If your internet connection is running slow at the moment you might face Error 5.2.

Reinstall the Application

If all the above fail to load the Netflix application in your phone then try the method of reinstalling the application. First log-out from your Netflix account and then uninstall the application. After reboot go to play store and install the application again. Now sign-in to your account and check your videos is playing or not.

We are positive that these workarounds will fix Error 5.2. For more information regarding this error sta updated to this website.

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