Find Problems and Calibrate Sensors in Android Phone


Your smartphone has many different types of sensors which makes your smartphone to run smoothly and saves quite a lot of battery too. These small components known as sensors tend to accomplish various tasks in android phone and most of the complicated application functions are controlled by these sensors. Sometimes these function failed to run properly and as a result, you will face annoying errors in your phone like recently my proximity sensors stop functioning which irritates me lot because my phone screen does not lit until I press the home button. Any attempt to fix the problem using application is failed until I figured out a correct way to solve this problem using calibrate sensors.


Check If The Problem is Related To Sensors

When I first got the sensor’s error I didn’t know what kind of fixes should I look for so my whole one day is wasted on looking to search the exact problem that caused in my phone. In the end, I found an application known as Sensors Multitool which can be download from play store. To check if a particular sensor working in your phone open the application and head on to that sensor. Now expose the sensor in various lightning to check if it is working or not. If the sensor is working on your android phone it will display a message in Illuminance: 0.0 lx. Illuminance of 0 lx means the sensor is working in total darkness and if you have seen other value in that option that means there might be a problem in that sensor.

You could also find out if the portion of the touchscreen is working properly or not by going to Settings -> Developers Options and enabling the show touches option under Input section. Once you enable the option you will see if the touches are working or not in that part of the screen.

Calibrating You Phone Sensors

Now we find out which sensor is giving us the problem its time to solve the problem. Be noted that the calibrating function will only work if the problem is not hardware related. Calibrating will fix the problem if the sensor has stopped working correctly but as we don’t know if the problem is hardware related or not we have tried the calibrating solution first.

The easy way to calibrate the phone sensor is through an application name Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration. Just go to play store and install the application and once installed open it and tap on option QUICK TUNE-UP. In a few seconds, your phone will be calibrated and then try to test your phone again using the Sensors Multitool app.

In case your phone does not work using quick tune-up application then try factory reset method and take your phone back into factory state. To factory reset your phone go to your phone settings->backup and reset-> factory data reset -> reset. Now your phone will be reset back to factory reset and then check your phone sensors again.

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