A Simple Guide on Finding and Restoring Purchased Apps From Play Store


Find and Restore Purchased Apps from Play Store:- An android users have spent a lot of time and money on finding the apps from the river of application listed on the play store. When a reset setting is applied on phone or you want to install the same apps on your new phone you couldn’t find or track the application on play store unless you go through the listed application one by one which is really time-consuming. If you want to use the same Gmail ID in both phones only then you can find and install the application easily because then you have to into the first phone and go to play store, search and download the app. Phone reset is, however, a tough fleet to achieve because all the data on your phone including play store is deleted in the process and the permanent solution of the problem has yet to be discovered or updated by the play store team. In the meantime, you have to rely on an application that allows you to find the purchased apps and restore back on your phone.

After tested a series of application and method to restore the purchased app on our Android phone, we found a simple application that will list down the purchased application from the android market through the particular Gmail Account. You can search for the application “Purchased Apps (Restore your paid apps) by Asapha Halifa” on play store and download it on your phone. The step by step instruction from downloading till using the app is given below:-


Find and Restore Purchased Apps From Play Store

  1. Make sure you are login to the same Gmail account through which you have purchased paid application.
  2. Now go to play store and install the Purchased Apps (Restore your paid apps).
  3. Once installed open the application and choose the account from the list through which you have purchased application. The application pop-up only if you have created multiple accounts.
  4. Now the application will pop-up a message box that will ask your permission to access your play store data.
  5. Tap on link Allow and you will be taken to dashboard page where you find the list of purchased application. Tap on the application and install it on your phone.

For more information on Find and Restore Purchased application from play store stay updated to this website.

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