Step by Step Guide on Enabling and Disabling Google Play Protect


Google Play Protect:- Over the past couple of years android has banned a lot of android apps for its play store service for being potential threat to the operating system users. Not to be mentioned android play store become center of attention when a malware or virus attack has been launched on android operating system whether the virus has been put its roots on Smartphone from third party sources. Android operating system is open source software as many of us known it will provides facility to control or change the entire operating system files according to the way of users but it also serves as the pipeline for potential security risks. For years Google has been searching or applying various methods to deal with this kind of issue and at last it seems the solution they were looking is finally implemented in the play store which is Google Play Protect.

The play protect service is comprise of three security system which are malware protection, lost phone finder and safe web browsing. The service is used as free of charge for every android user and currently it is available in play store version 11 and above. If by any chance your android play store version is less than 11 then just update the play store app. The service is activated by default if your android play store app is updated to version 11 but you could check the app by going to settings page.


How to Enable or Disable Google Play Protect

If you have updated the version of play store and still the service is not activated in your phone you could check the service is activated or not by following the instruction:-

  1. Open play store app and go to SETTINGS.
  2. On Settings menu section tap on Google.
  3. On Google Panel tap on Security.
  4. On Security section you will see option of Google Play Protect. If you haven’t seen this option here you need to update your play store app first. If you have seen the option it means the service is activate on your phone.
  5. If by any reason you did not want the service in your phone just hard reset your phone back to factory reset and do not update the play store service app.

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