Download Limits in Netflix Plans?!


Winter holidays are continuing and we mean me and my friend are watching videos on Netflix and in the middle switching TV show we encounter a strange message “You Have Downloaded To Many Videos”. At first, we thought its some type of technical glitch but later we found out that there are some downloading limits in Netflix that we are going to share with you on this page.

As you have known it by now that Netflix is one the popular online video streaming website to watch favorite TV shows and movies. You can estimate the popularity of the streaming portal that most of the 4K television available today have this application inbuilt in it. Just like youtube, Netflix allows you to view offline media streaming in which user can download the video on the computer to watch it later. While choosing the subscription plan on Netflix we have clearly no idea about any limitation in the plan but it’s true that you will get limitation once you reach the point of viewing online content.

Currently, there are two types of limitation that you may get in your subscription plan the first limitation is the Netflix Content Licencing and the second one is the device limitation. Some users might have faced storage issue but its clearly not a limitation by Netflix. A user can store the content on the external drive or SD card if the inbuilt storage is shortened. Now, lets discussed the other two issues:-


Netflix Licencing Issue

Netflix has made an agreement with various TV show distributors and studios to show their content on the portal. In some agreement, a limit has been assigned by the studios or distributors that under their subscription they can view only this number of the show so after you have watched that numbers of the show of the same studio you will get the error message ‘You have downloaded too many videos’. This error can be fixed by deleting the videos you have already watched.

Download The Video on Too Many Devices

At the beginning of creating your account on Netflix, you have seen a lot subscription plan and under those plans, you might have seen the number of devices the videos can be played on. If you try to use the plan on various you may encounter errors but in many cases, a user does not use the second device but still, they get the same error “You have downloaded on too many devices”. The error might possibly be encountered due to the same video has been download multiple times on your device or the same title video is downloaded on your phone. In cases like that, you need to delete the same title video available in your phone and try to download the video again if you encounter the same message after deleting the video then you need to upgrade your subscription plan in order to fix the issues.

I will keep adding more information about the limitation on Netflix Plan so stay tuned or if you know any other restriction you are experiencing just let me know by typing in the comment section.


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