Download and Install OGYoutube on Androd Phone


Download OGYoutube:- OGyoutube is an android application that is specifically designed to download youtube videos on our android phone. The available video through the application can be download in different resolution and you can convert the video in MP3 file format. OGYoutube is a modded version of youtube which means it has all the feature that you can see in youtube but added some extra feature like video download which makes it a unique application. You can browse and stream any video in the application before download it or can play the selected video in the background using in-built app player and functions.

As I have said before that OGyoutube is a modded application which means you can’t download the application easily like any other play store app. Some modded application required to root an android phone but this application only need to bypass some security restriction on our mobile phone. You can easily bypass the security restriction by following the step by step guide given below:-


Before You Download OGYoutube

I am recommending every user of this app to switch your internet to WiFi mode before downloading any data from this application. The HD video downloading through this application will be huge in size and streaming the video at the same consumes a lot of mobile data.

Download Latest OGYoutube

Before we moving onto the information to download and install the OGYoutube application on your phone first you have to install an application that allows you to log-in to the application. Similar to youtube you have to sign-in to this application using Gmail Account in order to download or play the video. Download and install the application MicroG first and then log-in to your existing Gmail account.

Below is the list of application that you have to download in order to run the OGYoutube Application on your phone:-

OGYoutunbe on Rooted Phone

OGYoutunbe on Normal Phone


Install OGYoutube Application

Once you download the above-mentioned APK files in your android phone then comes the time of installation which could go smoothly if you follow the step by step instruction given below:-

  1. Tap on the downloaded MicroG APK file to install on your phone. If your phone is rooted then the application will installed smoothly otherwise it may cause an error “Installation Blocked”. If that error pop-up on your phone just go to Settings -> Security -> Allow Unknown Sources.
  2. Now the application will be installed without any error and once the application is installed open it and sign-in to your Gmail account.
  3. Once you sign-in to your Gmail account on MicroG App then go to the download folder again and install OGYoutube APK on your phone.
  4. Once installed open the app, you may see update screen during the first run. Don’t update the app instead tap on the later button and the application will take you to the dashboard page.
  5. On the dashboard page, you can view the trending and recommending video.

Downloading Video on OGYoutube

Because OGYoutube is a modded application user thinks that it’s tricky to download the video from youtube but instead, it’s quite a lot easier to download the video. Just heed on the instruction below to download your first video from OGYoutube.

  1. Make sure MicroG Application is installed and running.
  2. Open OGYoutube Application and search for the video that you want to download on your phone.
  3. Now choose a video you want to stream from the list of videos. In the streaming video page tap on download button which is given directly below the playing video. Once you tap on the download button it will pop-up the option in which various resolution of videos and its size are mentioned. Tap on any video option to choose the quality of video that you are going to download.
  4. Once the video quality is set the next option is to choose the audio quality. Choose between medium, low or high audio quality and then tap on Download button.

Play OGYoutube in the Background

The most promising feature of OGYoutube is to play the youtube video in the background. This feature is liked by most of the music lover because now they can listen to their favorite music while saving the battery on phone. The setting is not enabled by default you have to visit the settings and activate the option.

  1. Open OGYoutube APK and tap on three dot lines given at the top right side of the page.
  2. Once you tap on three dot lines a drop-down menu will be appeared then tap on SETTINGS page.
  3. In Settings page scroll down and tap on the option Downloads.
  4. Scroll Down and tick on two option Enable Screen-OFF playback, Auto Switch to Background and Enable Background Playback.
  5. Now go back to the main screen and search for your favorite video. Stream the video and tap on the Background button given below the playing video.
  6. Tap on the home screen button after playing the video and then you can play that video even if your screen is off.

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