How To Remove or Delete Other Files on Redmi Phones – Solved


Delete Other Files on Xiaomi Redmi Phones:- Android phones are facing huge problems with internal storage over a period of time and this problem is impossible to deal when you need the space on your phone urgently to load up an app or video and your phone is displaying the message “Insufficient disk space”. I have feal the same frustration for over a day and struggle really hard to figure out a solution to this kind of problem. Many android experts will tell you to uninstall some apps or clear out your cache and data by going to settings -> apps and it did or did not remove the space from your phone believe me. The moment you delete those files from your redmi phone they will store in a temporary folder from where they are impossible to delete because you cannot access the folder by any means no matter which app you installed on your phone.

You can only see the Other Files build up more storage space on your internal drive in a redmi phone. You can see the huge chunk of files store in your other folder by going to Settings->Storage but nothing more and all these files are deleted data that were once installed in your phone. If you are dealing with that kind of problem then worry not because on this page I will tell you exactly how I recovered 5 GB of space on my redmi phone from other files.


Delete Other Files on Redmi Phones

There are multiple tricks to delete your other files data from your phone which I have included in this section:-

Trick #1 Installing Storage Analyzer App

  1. Go to play store and download the Storage Analyzer by Anton Patapovich application in your redmi phone.
  2. Once Installed open the app and tap on the Tab Device Storage.
  3. On Device storage Tab tap on the first disk on the left-hand side.
  4. Once tap on it it will begin load files wait till it loads and then go to File Categories.
  5. On File Categories Page tap on OTHERS and choose the top files on the list.
  6. Once click on the top file it will take you to the list of multiple files here click on icon given at the bottom right side of the page and then tap on option select all.
  7. Once every file has been selected choose the option again to delete files.

Trick #2 Reboot

As simple as it sounds but it works like a charm follow the first trick and clear the other data after that reboot your device and once your device is rebooted check out the other files space it will be reduced to MB instead of GB. It is recommended to not delete that data because that stores your game progress, cache, and other necessary data to boose your phone speed.

For more information on Remove or Delete Other Files on Redmi Phones stay updated to this website.


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