Dark Mode is now Available on Chrome Browser – Try it Now


Dark Mode is now becoming a trend on the internet. Many renowned web portals and applications on the internet have experimented with this mode and add it as an extra feature in their application and website. After youtube has successfully implemented the dark mode in its portal facebook has joined this league as well and it’s now experimenting with the dark mode and may release it in the upcoming update.

Whatapp is also working on the dark mode feature and according to the source development of this extra feature is now complete. Now the main question is What’s so special in this dark mode feature that every major company wants it in their portal let’s find out:-

Dark Mode Overview

Dark mode turns the background screen to black and subsequently changes the text color to white. Everyone knows about that and in a way, it looks cool but did you know that turning your screen color to black might save some bucks. Yes, dark mode reduces the power consumption because of the black background that does not need brightness like the white color. Apart from saving some bucks, the mode causes less strain on your eyes due to the same reason brightness. If you are spending more than 6 hours of your day on your computer and mobile then I would recommend you to install dark mode on your computer as well as mobile.

Install and Enable Dark Mode on Chrome

Currently, there are two tested ways to install dark mode on your chrome browser which is given below:-

#1 Chrome Flags

  • Launch your Chrome Browser, type “chrome://flags” and hit enter.
  • You will be taken to the experiments features page. Locate the search text field, type dark mode and hit enter.
  • Plenty of experiments features after your search but ENABLE the Force Dark Mode for Web Content.
  • Upon Enabling the feature open your favorite website to test your dark mode.

#2 Chrome Extension

  • Browse the web store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions and search for Dark Mode.
  • Choose a Dark Mode extension of your choice and click on the button Add to Chrome and wait for the installation to be finished.
  • Open website to try dark mode on your chrome browser.

For more information about installing and enabling dark mode on your chrome stay update to this page.

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