What is NOMEDIA File in Android and How to Create or Delete It?


What is NOMEDIA Files in Android:- NOMEDIA is a system default file that doesn’t allow any application to load the media files such as images or videos from the specific folder in which the file is stored on. The NOMEDIA file can only be accessible through the devices that are connected to your phone or directly from the phone or tablet itself but you need to install a file manager application to browse that media folder. The file doesn’t take enough storage amount on your phone or SD card and it will boost the loading time of your music or video application. On the other hand, you can hide the private video or picture files from your friends or family by creating a folder deep within folders which only you can access it. Your clever music or video application can browse through each and every section of your phone and load the files to play through the app but since you mentioned the system default command in the form of NOMEDIA file none of the application will index your hidden media content. Now without further due let’s see how you can create or delete NOMEDIA files from your android phone:-

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How To Create or Delete NoMedia Files

NOMEDIA files can be created directly from your phone or through your computer. You don’t need to be a professional coder to create a NOMEDIA file. Just create a blank file on your phone or computer in my case I use notepad. I opened a blanked notepad and without writing anything I saved the file with extension .NOMEDIA. I copied the file through data cable and then locate the file using EX File Explorer on my phone. After that, I cut the file and paste in the folder which I don’t want any application to load. THAT’S ALL. You can rename any file such as GIF, JPG to extension .NOMEDIA and it will work the same without any error. Since you know where the file is located you just need to browse the folder long press the NOMEDIA files and tap on option delete.

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