How To Create Custom Whatsapp Stickers – Solved


Create Custom Whatsapp Stickers:- On October 2018 WhatsApp has launched a new feature in which users can install stickers from the web and send it to its contacts circle. There are many third-party applications that provide stickers and from play store, you can add a variety of stickers app but making your own stickers is something every user is seeking since the update is launched in the market. With that update, the company has included a set of API and interfaces so now anybody can install add their custom stickers in WhatsApp but many users could not find an application that can easily create those stickers. There are tons of application online in which you can create stickers but one of my favorite and recommended application is Sticker maker for WhatsApp which can be downloaded from play store. With this application, we have created many custom stickers for recently celebrated festival Diwali.

You could create your own first sticker with this application too if you have followed the steps carefully. Before starting, make sure you have installed the latest of WhatsApp that support stickers functionality. If your phone does not support the stickers you should reinstall the application and check the function if its working or not. Once sticker function is working properly in your phone heed the instructions below:-


Create Your First Whatsapp Sticker

  1. First, go to play store and download the application “Sticker maker for WhatsApp” by Viko & Co.
  2. Once installed launch the application and tap on “Create a New StickerPack”.
  3. Name your stickerpack and provide an author name. Once you fill up the information a new folder will be created on the main screen of the application.
  4. Now tap on the sticker pack you have just created and once you inside the folder you will notice 30 empty spaces icons well those are your stickers pack.
  5. Now tap on anyone if the box of your choice and upload your image. Don’t worry you can cut or crop the image from built-in software to adjust the right angle.
  6. Once you have uploaded the picture you can cut the image by circling your finger around the choices in the images and once you have done that tap on YES, SAVE STICKER.
  7. Congratulation on creating your first sticker now create more two stickers to publish it and use it as your whatsapp stickers.
  8. Once your sticker has published the application give you the option to add those stickers in your WhatsApp application click on ADD button.
  9. Now go to WhatsApp and then go to your stickers section every sticker you have just uploaded has been there for you to use it.

For more information on creating your custom stickers on WhatsApp stay updated to this website.


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