Is it Possible to Change Country or Region in Google Play Store?


Change Country or Region in Google Play Store:- Google play is an easy way to install list of application on your phone whether free or paid and those apps are necessary to perform your day to day activity. Imagine if you are permanently moved to other country and needed the app to run your business or performing social activity on daily basis but the administrator of the application put country restriction in that application then what will you do? Your next question in this case should be whether we can change the country or region on smartphone then YES WE CAN by implying some settings we can change the country in android phone. To do that you need to apply the set of instruction which i have mentioned below:-


Change Country or Region in Google Play Store

Currently there are two ways to change your country and region in play store app which include changing of your payment information as well.

Official Method

  1. Open play store application and tap on three straight line on top left side of the screen.
  2. Now scroll down and tap on option ACCOUNT.
  3. On Account page tap on payment methods and delete the previous payment information.
  4. Fill out the information and then go to ACCOUNT page.
  5. On account section scroll down to section COUNTRY AND PROFILES (The option only appeared if you have visited other region or country).
  6. Select the option COUNTRY AND PROFILES and choose the country you are currently residing in.
  7. Once you choose the information a warning message may be pop-up read it carefully then accept the changes. Now you can install the application of the area you are currently living.

Alternate Method

  1. First open your browser and go the web address “”.
  2. Now browse through settings and change your old address to new address.
  3. After that go to address book and remove your old address.
  4. Once you remove the old address a new terms and condition message prompt might be appeared. Accept the terms and continue the process.

PS: Once you changed the country setting in play store you could not change the country again till 365 days has been passed so use this setting wisely.

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