Can You Watch Amazon and Netflix Videos Offline on Android?


Watch Amazon and Netflix Videos Offline:- The two most powerful company in the field of entertainment industry are fighting for the competition to become supreme in their niche. Yes we are talking about amazons who have launched prime video service to compete with Netflix although the service is quite popular international countries such as America, UK but it seems in India prime video has the upper hand due to the less service they have charged from customer and providing the exact feature as Netflix. One of the features that were missed by the both companies for quite sometime is the availability of watching the video offline after downloading on android Smartphone. Unlike unlimited broadband plan Smartphone data is quite expensive and the availability of the internet in surrounding location and based on the speed of mobile internet users have only one option to view the streaming content which is after downloading it. Many users asked the question to the streaming website and ultimately a solution is discovered that is downloading the file of android storage as view it as offline content so the major question is both the company providing offline content viewing the answer is YES with the help of a new function many streaming videos on both website can be downloaded on phone to view it later or offline.


How to Watch Amazon Prime Videos Offline

  1. Open your amazon prime app.
  2. Now search for the content you want to download on your smartphone and tap on it.
  3. Now a bunch of option will be appeared alongside option to watch now and download.
  4. Tap on download button and various downloading option will be appeared right next to it choose the option of your choice like if you want to download the movie in HD then choose BEST or if you want to save your data then choose GOOD.
  5. Now the file will be begin to download and once its finished downloading then tap on three straight lines given at top left side and then tap on DOWNLOAD.
  6. On Download section open the file and if you want to delete that file then long press the file to view option and tap on delete.

How to Watch Netflix Videos Offline

  1. Open netflix app on your android phone.
  2. Now search for the movie and show of your choice and tap on it visit description page.
  3. On that page search for the option DOWNLOAD which is given right below the description of the show/movie.
  4. Once the file is downloading then go tap on THREE STRAIGHT LINE given at top left side of the page and tap on download button to see the progress or play the file anytime.

Note: This offline service will only be available if you access the internet once in 48 hours. If you did not access the internet till 48 hours then you might unavailable to view the content you have downloaded.

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