Can you View or Download Private Account Picture on Instagram?


Instagram is one of the most popular pictures sharing platforms on the internet. Almost every popular celebrity and model share their pictures on this platform and every user who created their account on Instagram can view the pictures. While most of the celebrity accounts are set as public there is some account that wants to preserve their privacy by making their account private. To view the picture of a private account an account owner must accept the friend request. Once the account owner accepts your request you can view or download their posted pictures.

Currently, if the owners accept your requests only then you can view or download their Instagram Pictures otherwise you can’t unless you hack into their account. I have seen plenty of tutorial on the internet that claims that they have viewed the Instagram pictures of the private account using some sort of trick that doesn’t work for anyone as the rage I have seen in the comment section.

You cannot view the picture of private account but you can download the viewable Instagram picture on your computer using a simple trick mentioned below:-

Download Instagram Pictures in Your PC

  • Open Chrome browser on your PC and browse the Instagram picture that you want to download.
  • Click on the picture to view it in the pop-up window.
  • Right-click on anywhere in the window and then click on the option Inspect or Press CTRL + SHIFT + I.
  • An Inspect Window will open in the button. Now click on the first icon in the inspect window given at the top left side or press shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + C.
  • After Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C click on the image to highlight the picture code in the inspect window.
  • In the Inspect window, you will see HTML code just expand the <DIV> code above the selected code.
  • Inside the <IMG> tag you will find the link of the picture which will be displayed like this (
  • Just copy the link shown in your inspection tab and past it in a new window.
  • Right-click on the picture and save it on your computer.

For more information on downloading private accounts and other pictures stay updated to this website.

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