Can You Really Spy and Check on other Whatsapp Messages


Spying on other Whatsapp:- Whatsapp is one of the popular social media application with over 1 billion users worldwide. Whatsapp frequently launching various update regarding its application and there are plenty of third party tools available on the internet which enhance the experience of using this wonderful application such as bitmojis. One question that really bothers a lot of users are issues related to the privacy of using social media application. Recently the issues related to the user’s data are the big concern of social media giants and they are constantly developing their software to secure the data from hackers. I am surprised to see there are many companies out there that are selling their software to spy on other WhatsApp message or some sort of hacking related stuff.

To check the software are authentically doing hacking stuff like that we have installed it in our system and try to use it and we found out that software is really not built for doing illegal activities. There are many online forums and website that puzzles innocent users and trick you to purchase the software that worth nothing you should stay alert of scams like that. What we really found on our research is the application that let you view the person you cared about their WhatsApp history and messages a function similar to parental control. The application that allows you to view or check messages of your dear ones is the whatscan which can be download from the third party source.

Whatscan allows you to use the WhatsApp web on your phone rather than redirecting the application to the browser to view the content. It is really easy to set-up the application once it’s installed on your phone by following the simple page by page instructions. Once you installed the application on your phone just get the spying person phone, scan the QR code and give him back his phone. Now you can view the chat history and messages of that person only.


Download Links For Whatscan

The application is available for both mobile platform iOS and Android. I have mentioned both links to download the application on your phone:-

Whatscan For Android 

Whatscan For iOS

How To Safeguard Yourself from this Application

I have noticed many cases in which one of your friend or family circle copy your Whatsapp QR Code and spying on you without your permission using whatscan application. So it is the user’s responsibility to identify these kinds of threat and solve it ASAP. To Know if someone is using your ID to spy on you using whatscan just go to SETTINGS -> Tap on three verticle DOT lines and tap on Whatsapp for Web. If your account is logged in through WhatsApp for Web you will see a notification about the login. Below the notification tap on the link “Log Out From All Devices”.

For more information regarding spying on WhatsApp Message stay updated to this page.

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