Can You Really Install Incompatible App From Play Store? [Solved]

Install Incompatible App From Play Store:- While in quest of installing new apps on your android smartphone from google play store you might have encountered few apps in which display message that this app is Incompatible with your smartphone. There are various reasons for the message to be pop-up such as hardware or software incompatibility, country restriction and only specific phone brand can install the app. However we can bypass the restriction and install the app from play store to your smartphone but there is no guarantee that the app will work perfectly fine.

You might have face glitches, over-heat issues or most worst of them is app crash. If your smartphone hardware is the cause then sadly there are no fixes of it even if you install the app it will not work perfectly but things might be different for software, smartphone brand or country restriction those issues will be resolved by adding tweaks which i am going to explained step by step.

Installing Incompatible App From Play Store

If you want to install incompatible app on your smartphone then you have to edit app on your smartphone and make necessary changes. The whole process is divided into 3 steps so follow each and every step carefully to modify the settings.

Prepare for Setup

The first step is to prepare for the apps and other necessary items required modifying file located in your smartphone operating system. In first step you will require two major app the first one is ES File Explorer and second is one click root apps which will compatible with your smartphone. Search your phone on our website and get detailed step by step instruction to root your smartphone.

Now prepare to Edit Prop.Build File

The file hold every detail related to your smartphone such as brand and model number which you are going to change in the next following steps:-

  1. Open ES File Explorer.
  2. Tap on Globe icon given at top left side to open panel then tap Settings and Enable Options Up To Root, Root Explorer and Mount File System.
  3. Now go to system folder path and locate file Prop.Build.
  4. Once found take a back-up of the files and stored somewhere on smartphone and go back to system folder and open Prop.Build file with ES Note Editor.
  5. Now search for the term ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer and change it with aforementioned details.
  6. On ro.product.model Type Galaxy S7.
  7. On ro.product.manufacturer type Samsung and save the file that’s it to this step.

Once edited it’s now time to Clear Cache

The old log files and data are still located in play store app which you need to be cleared in order for the spoof to work.

  1. Go To Settings and then tap on APPS.
  2. On Apps choose All Category and locate the app Google Play Store.
  3. On Play store app clear all data and Cache.
  4. On Cleared reboot your device the Whola! You can now access or install incomparable apps from playstore.

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