Can You Hide Blocked Contacts List in Whatsapp? – Solved


Hide Blocked Contacts in Whatsapp:- The growing number of users and businesses on the Whatsapp has also given rise to spamming, social, and emotional issues. On average a single user has at least 30 friends in the Whatsapp that were active daily. Users that were active on the app spent there time sharing content and chatting with active friends. Whatsapp users become smart over time and find unique solutions to hide their active status and message delivery notifications to avoid contacts. The idea may work temporarily but if you used it for an extended period of time then it may raise conflict between two people.

It’s pretty common for users to block WhatsApp contacts nowadays due to conflicts or regular spamming of content. A blocked contact cannot message you again but the information about the user will be available under the blocked contact list that haunts many users for the past couple of years. A user can delete the contact and erase all data including messages, pictures, and photos related to the users but he cannot erase the person’s contact from the blocked list.

There are couples of our readers that asked us about the information regarding deleting the blocked contact list but the truth is you cannot delete or hide accounts that fall under the blocked account list. Whatsapp hasn’t provide such a feature in its app and there is no word from the developers that they are working on such feature so the possibility to add such feature in future update is nearly zero percent. Currently your one and only option is to forget about that such account or section exists.

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