Best Parent Control Android Application: Heimdall Parental Control


Free Parent Control Android Application:- Before social media website started to emerge parents had control over their children life or at least they are aware of the person their child talked to but after the social media website or application becoming popular and used worldwide for social interaction parents are started to losses control over their child friend circle. The anonymity on a social website poses a potential danger to the teenagers because there is no such way to identify the other side of the person unless you started webcam with that person. It is parents duty to identify and remove these kinds of threat from their children lives but the internet becoming more and more complicated by each passing day.

We can take the example of social media website to understand the situation when Facebook was launched children made an account on the website and when parents keep on understanding the facebook children move on to Twitter and Snapchat. Currently, there are more than 100 social media network on the internet and creating each and every account on the network is quite impossible for parents that is why many companies are focusing on building one application to track down or limited the children activity on the internet.


Heimdall Parental Control is a free android application that is built for the purpose to limit or track the activity of the android phone users. The application is currently available on play store to download and once its download it needs a small set-up to restrict the user phone. Heimdall application does not provide the remote access to users which means in order to change or track the movement of your children activity on the internet, the phone should be physically available. Another best feature of the app is that you can track the location of your children phone via SMS but this option is only available for premium users.

Once the application is installed on your phone it needs a PIN and additional phone number to secure the phone from uninstalling the application because of this way the application can run smoothly on children phone without the need of parents worry that if their kids annoyed by the app and try to uninstall it. The app can be a good excercise for the adult as well because many adults are addicted to using the internet and social media website and the only way to restrict them from using the application is restrict them from using it.

To Download the Heimdall Parental Control app on your phone just follow the link or if you need help to understand any feature of the application just write down the function name in comment section.

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