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Amazon Price Tracker for Chrome:- Are you a shopaholic? Are you doing a lot of shopping online especially on Amazon? then you should check out the price tracker application to get the best deals at cheap price on your favorite shopping portal.

Amazon is home of million products and each day many products have been posted by the merchandiser. As you have already known by now that the price of each online product has been fluctuating over a period of time. On price fluctuate you can get the same product at a very cheap price. In some case, I have seen the price fluctuate of over 50 percent on the selected product. Amazon built an exclusive page titled “Deal of the Day” to provide you the best product at a greatly discounted prices but many products do not cover under this section which is why you need an application that can track the price of your favorite product.

To save prices on your shopping you need the best tracking apps in your phone or browse so we have mentioned the application below to how you can track the product that is presently on great discounts.


Best Amazon Price Tracker Tool For Your Chrome Browser

The price tracker tool we have mentioned in this page can be used on another browser as well as you can use the tool as an online application on computer and mobile.

Keepa (

Keepa is the best online price tracker application you can find on the internet right now. Not only you can track the price of the product you can also view the history graph, product alert, and deals that are currently available at a huge discount. The website offers various extensions for your internet browser and you can integrate the API in your website as well.

The interface of the application is quite simple so you don’t need any tutorial to browse and search for tracking option. If you want to search for the latest deals just go to the category DEAL which is given at the top of the page. Under the deal section, you will find the products that are currently under an offer of upto 80 percent. By default the products appear in the deal section is for united states consumer only but you can change the country by clicking on the flag on the top right section and choose your country flag.

You can create an account on Keepa and sign-in for the latest products and updates on your email or social media account. You can visit the search categories and track the price history of that product. You can install keepa on your android phone or you can install the chrome extension by visiting the Apps Category.

CamelCamelCamel (

OK, I admit it the name of the website does remind me a tale of Persia but honestly, the website does a great job to maintain the history of Amazon products. You can search for any product or get the deal alert directly into your mailing address by creating an account on the website. In case if you are tired of using the website, again and again, you can install the android application or chrome browser extensions.

You can visit the category TOOL and then click on the link BROWSER ADD-ONS to browse the Camelizer Page. In Camelizer page, you will find the extension of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. If you have ever tried Keepa application then you should know it by now that most of the CamelCamelCamel feature is the same as him. With TOP PRICE DROP category, you can track the price of the product which was greatly drop in price. You can search or tag a product to keep track of the price movement and whenever the price reaches to your favor you can purchase it.

On the website, you will find advanced features such as filter product by category, time period or recent price drops. You can use the inbuilt application feature such as wishlist synchronization to watch the price of the unpurchased product. The product will be deleted automatically when you purchased the product. CCC application is available on your android phone as well as iOS Devices.

PriceDrop (

If we were discussing about chrome and other browser extensions then the pricedrop application is the only extension you can think of right now. First off the developers only focusing on the extension which means you will get error-free experience and secondly the extension updated with features on a regular basis. The application updated once in 18 hours and the price of the products is updated along with it. You can browse the website and install the extension in your chrome browser. Once the extension is installed you will browse the Amazon website and when you browse the product you will find the button of PriceDrop listed there. After clicking on the button you will get the full detail of the product.

Honey (

Honey is one of the best chrome extension you can get on your computer to save money on the product. Once you browse the official website you will find a button to install the extension on your browser based on the browser you are using. Once the application is installed a new option will be visible on the Amazon product page. In the product click on the Honey button and the product will be added to a droplist. Once the added item in the droplist slashed in the price point of 5% or more you will be notified on your mailing address and after that, you can purchase the product. Currently, the extension is being used by more than 10 million users worldwide and the application got featured on popular online websites such as BuzzFeed and ABC news.

For more information on the best Amazon price tracking tool for Chrome Extensions stay updated to this page.

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