Android Automatic Backup using Google Sync – Does It Worth It?


Android Automatic Backup: You have probably hear about google sync feature in android operating system and how does it take backup of your data automatically but the main question is how much data does it backup, can we rely on this in case our smartphone is format for any reason could be virus or during the process of rooting? Well in my opinion google sync does a great job in saving major data in your smartphone like contacts, apps data and docs which are really essential for any android device. Let’s talk about this in detail what data can be backup after the syncing process.



Browser, Settings and Data

Google sync will automatically take backup of your saved bookmarks, settings and browsing history data and restore back your data whenever needed.

Apps and Data

Any apps you’re purchased or install from play store its data is automatically associated with your gmail account so in case you purchase a new phone or accidentally reset your phone once you login to your existing gmail address in the phone then it will automatically ask you to restore apps you installed on your device before. If you fear of losing your purchase purchased apps then don’t worry you can install the app again at no extra cost.

Game Data

If you are a serious gamer then this is the first question you will ask well google sync can or cannot save your game data during factory reset or format. Basically the sync option allow to save data but many third party games would not add this feature purposely in their app so it will be recommended to every users that they should confirm first before taking backup.

Storage Data and Media

To save internal data you have to use google drive apps to store most of your storage data and download it from website whenever needed. Google drive allow all kind of files to store in cloud storage whether its photo, video or presentation files but if you only have photo stored in your device then you can use Google Photos. Google drive does not allow auto sync feature but if you really like automatic backup feature then you can install an app named “Autosync Google Drive”.

Now you know in detail what google sync service will automatically save or not. What do you think now about the sync service leave a comment and suggestion in the comment section below.

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