Activate Pie Controls on Android Phone Using LMT Launcher


LMT Launcher:- Whenever you switch on your android phone the first thing on the phone you see is the menu screen and the bottom of the screen are home screen buttons that allow you to enter view applications that are running, a back button and a home screen button. In every phone, those three buttons at the bottom are same but not anymore because with LMT Launcher you can access the customize pie controls in your phone. After installing the PIE Controls you can still access those buttons but you can access way more feature through those buttons and it gives your phone interface an elegant look and feel. When you activate the LMT Launcher in your phone round shaped control in the bottom, left or right side of the screen will appear and you can use the controls with a single or multi-touch gesture.

LMT Launcher is a system modifier application so in order to install the app, you have to root your phone first. Some stock ROMS already using the pie controls as a default application in their phone. You can find the pie controls in stock ROMS like Cyanogen and Android Paranoid. Nowadays various application on play store can activate the ie controls in your phone you just need to give a certain set of permission after installing the application in your phone. If your phone is rooted and you want to install an advanced application in your phone then follow the step by step instructions given below:-


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Activating PIE Controls in Android Phone

  1. Download LMT Launcher APK from “” and install it on your phone.
  2. Once you install the application tap on the open button and then grant root access to the application.
  3. In the dashboard of the application tap on the link “Start/Stop Touchscreen”.
  4. Now swipe in the middle right section to the left to know if the pie control is activated or not. If the controls somehow didn’t activate then you should check if your phone is properly rooted or not.
  5. You can change the colors and position of the pie control by browsing more option in the application. You can also customize the button operation by browsing the tab PIE.

For more information on activating pie controls in your android phone using LMT Launcher stay updated to this page.

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