6 Steps to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android Phone


Transfer iPhone Contacts:- iPhone is a very likable brand in English Countries due to its feature, technological up-gradation and error free system but android OS has taking over those users in past few years and as per the growing demand of android users it will shortly take over the iOS operating system. What makes android so special is that it has user-friendly environment and the freedom to change OS files by the smartphone owner to add various unique features which does not exist in other smartphone. Due to android operating system is open-source software various manufacturing companies preferred to use the system rather than making a new OS which will cost heavily and that increase the price of smartphone and to stay in the competition companies has to provide cheap and effective services to their clients.

One more reason is that smartphone users might fed up of using the same operating system for quite long time so they would like to try or switch to a new operating system for some time. No matter what your reason of changing or shifting to another operating but if you decided to do it then you have to move bunch of data through your smartphone. Data such as video, music and other work related files can be stored on cloud storage for some time and download it on android platform but how do you copy contacts list. Well if you are not sure about how to transfer contact list to android smartphone then follow the instruction step by step:-


Using iTunes to Transfer Your Contacts List

Every iPhone users install this app on their device because this app is one stop solution for every problem you faced while using iPhone whether it is entertainment, app, movies, music, troubleshoot problem. You will be happy to know that this tool even helps you to transfer contact list on android phone.

  1. First install latest iTunes software on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.
  3. Once your phone is connected with software then tick on option SYNC CONTACT WITH and on drop down menu and choose option Google Contact which will be visible right next to Sync Option.
  4. Now a pop-up menu will be appeared asking your google ID and password to continue fill it and then click on option OK. Once you press Ok syncing process will be started and it will take few second or minutes to upload all contacts to google account. Once it’s finished just go to your gmail account and then click on Contact link on left menu pane to check if all the contact is listed or not.
  5. On your android smartphone SETTINGS tap on option Account and Sync and then tap on Google to enter the login credential of the account in which you saved your contacts recently.
  6. Once login tick on option SYNC Contact and Calendar. Congrats mow you can use all the contact list of your iphone contacts.

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