5 Ways to Improve Your Android Smartphone Battery Life


Improve Battery Life:- Does your smartphone battery drain fast from usual? Do you want your battery to run a little while longer then follow the 5 simple steps mentioned below to increase your battery life.



 1) Disable Network

To save battery life in your smartphone the first method is to disable your smartphone data whether it’s WIFI or Network. If you switch off your smartphone data while not in use then you can save upto 1 – 2 hours of talktime on full charge.

  1. Go to smartphone Settings and Choose Network
  2. On Network option tap on ACTIVATE DATA NETWORK to disable or enable it.

2) Avoid Playing Games and Video

If you are low on battery or want your battery to conserve for long run then avoid playing any type of games and video stored in your smartphone.

3) Rooting Helps a Lot

Rooting helps to customize your smartphone setting and let you installed apps which can modify your operating system settings. It will remove the unwanted windows app that kills your battery life span such as bloatware and other default pre-installed application. An application such as greenify is one of the best and recommended app that you can install right now and improve battery. If you don’t know anything about rooting or how you can root your smartphone follow our guide to root by searching your phone name.

4) Killing App

An app running on background of your smartphone kills your battery alot. The best method to avoid those battery drainage apps is to switch off your smartphone for the time being and restart it again but if you expect a call from other person then killing app is one the recommend action. To do the just install an app named “ES Task Manager” in which you can Kill background application and also optimize power settings.

5) More Bright More Battery

Battery life can be increased if you reduce the brightness of your smartphone but be aware if you reduce to much brightness you only cause strain on your eyes but if you have tries all the above 4 method and still need to conserve your battery more than this option will be help.

A final word: These methods are the temporary ways to save your battery only helpful to save your battery for quite some-time. If you really want a long-time battery during travelling then use a power bank.

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