5 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android Phone


Volume Booster Apps:- Sound is an integral part of humans daily life whether we hear it from other person, machines, TV, traffic or on your android phones. Our daily life with friends and family are the most joyful moments which we cherish for lifetime and those moments are incomplete without entertainment or music and there are plenty of android smartphone in the market that has great sound clarity but the loud volume in android phone is still an issue. Many users miss the loud noise in their android phone and searching for a way to increase the sound booster apps and this technology is required to be have in every user phone because i believe many of us didn’t seen or played many videos due to the low sound quality of the music and videos. So today i am going to share the best music booster app for smartphone.

These app which i am going to be listed in this post are made for every android smartphone. A new version of mobile phone will get higher or clear voice then the old version due to technological factors in latest phone but don’t get disheartening if you have old phone because the boost in the smartphone volume will be way better than latest phone.


Volume Booster Apps for Android Phone

Before using one of the app mentioned below please take a note that increasing too much volume through these app might damage your smartphone speaker and also noted that this apps might increase volume at some extent. Now let see on the application to boost apps.

#1 Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV is one of the best, light weight and simple volume booster available on play store. The app is designed to increase the volume of music, videos or audio books but it didn’t increase the volume of voice call. The app might not work on some jelly bean version but rest of the phone can install and try the app. The app provide feature to control over every sound panel which let users to individually adjust the volume of every inbuilt sound functions such as Alarm, Ringtone, Notifications Ring etc.

#2 Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster pro is an excellent app to boost the sound of your android device. Its free, simple and easy to control buttons makes him one of the popular app on play store with user-base of over 5 million. Simple controls of the app let you boost the volume of your android device with just one tap of button. Currently the app support device of over android 4.0 version.

#3 Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio:

Volume Booster Sound Equalizer is a beast in volume booster app that has tons of extra features as compared to other apps. This app could go on top of the list of app booster but its advertisement caused a lot of frustration to users which is why it does not get the title it deserve. The app is lightweight around 7 MB and it can run only on android v4.1 or higher.

#4 Divi Volume Booster

The next on the list is the lightweight volume booster app known as Divi Volume Booster that will not just enhance the volume of your handset but it will also enhance the quality of sound. If you are seeking for a professional application to boost your volume then this is the app you must try on your handset. The app will increase the volume of speakers and headphone for upto 40% which included alarms, notification and even voice calls.

#5 Ultimate Volume Booster

The last on the list is ultimate volume booster app which is available to be download from play store. The app is rather new but the number of users are steadily increasing and left the positive review regarding the app which is why it is consider as top contender of top 5 volume boosting app. Rather than boosting the volume of music and video the app is quite helpful to increase the volume of other smartphone tools such as telephone ringing.

Note: All of the above may damage your smartphone if you use to for quite a long time so whenever you use these or any volume boosting app make sure you use it for quite less time.

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